Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little Boy Blue

At the beginning of this last painting class, we were required to bring a photo of our choice. There were certain conditions due to the lighting and such. It was becoming a challenge for me to find one and a dear friend, Johnny Gomez, left an envelope on my front porch just a couple of days before the class. I wouldn't have found it that evening, except for walking out to view something in the daylight light.

When I opened it I found the photo of this adorable little boy. Johnny said it was one he saved many years ago (dated 1952) thinking he might paint it some day...and just never have. Immediately, I knew it was the one I needed to paint for this class.

It was funny, in the beginning stages, when I started on it and he had dark all around him with dark eyes. My instructor told me the students in his other classes were complaining because he looked so scary. They were asking to turn him around to face the wall and named him Rosemary's Baby. I have to admit...he was pretty scary looking!

When our class was over, a little more modeling and a lot more detail needed, yet, to be done. With much going back and forth with R A and Johnny's wonderful guidance and advice, and some prayer, I've finished Little Boy Blue. The medium is oil and he is on a 20" x 16" canvas. He can be enlarged by clicking him. Enjoy!

Little Boy Blue,

Come blow your horn,

The sheep's in the meadow,

The cow's in the corn;

Where is that boy

Who looks after the sheep?

Under the haystack

Fast asleep.

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  1. Candy, I am amazed at your talent - incredible painting! So real looking - you do great work! Love Linda

  2. I think the highlights in his hair and the movement in the gown are astounding.

  3. Thank you, both! God is so awesome in His leading. I still have a ways to go, yet, and am eager to see where He takes me next. Sometimes, I'm amazed, too...but there is soooo much more to learn!

  4. what a wonderful painting. I love it!

  5. Great! I like your art. Thank you, for this, you add me to your friends in blogcatalog. I follow you and see you new post. :)



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