Wednesday, July 25, 2012


by Candy Prather
11"x14" oil on canvas

Rest is a commission I did for a very special friend. Her Babygirl passed last November after being blessed with her for 17 years. In praying for answers about where pets go, she asked God to show her where she went. He showed her a vision of her in a field of Daisy's and butterflies flittering around. My friend said Babygirl laid there in total peace just watching them. She laughed and told me she doesn't even like Daisy's and the vision had to have come from God, because if it was her, she'd have her laying some other place other than a field of Daisy's. 

After asking me to paint Babygirl for her, she asked God what she should name the painting, and He said "Rest; this is what rest looks like".

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