Sunday, April 11, 2010

Anniversary Drive

My husband and I recently had our 26th Wedding Anniversary. We celebrated it along with Easter beginning with Good Friday. We had a weekend of restaurants, a movie, an overnight stay at the Hyatt (a superb Hotel, btw). To finish it off we took a drive to see the Dogwoods at Davey Dogwood Park in Palestine on Sunday. I did get a few photos to share and will share most of them on Facebook, too.

When we were leaving the park, I got out of the car to take another shoot of a tree with fuchsia colored blooms (sorry, I don't know all the trees), a lovely lady pulled over and began telling us about two dogwoods, one white and one pink that were grafted together and asked if we wanted to see it. Well, of course we did, so she took the time out of her day to drive across town to show us that one and then took us to another one. What a blessing and God send she was...thank you Tina!

Well, enjoy the few photos here...and if you get a chance, pop in and visit me on Facebook to see the rest of them.

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