Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Quick Update

Evening Prayer, now 20"x16", Subtracted Charcoal on Paper, 2003, by Candy Prather

After taking a couple of drawing classes while at Howard Payne University in Brownwood Texas, 1976 for two years, I got married and started a family. I didn't spend much time doing anything creative outside of only a few drawings, needlework and sewing until about 2002. I began to desire drawing again and started out with pencil and Prismacolors, and, then, I took a drawing class at a local community college. This is where I learned the technique of erasing the highlights from a totally charcoaled background, known as Subtracted Charcoal, such as in Evening Prayer.

I should take this time to explain a little bit about the story behind Evening Prayer. The subject is from an image of my Pastor's father who went home to be with the Lord in 2003. At the Homecoming Service, I was handed a bulletin with the small 2"x1" referenced photographed image of him. As the service went on, and as different ones stood up and shared about his life as a Pastor and all that he stood for, I was, indeed, touched. This Pastor, to me, was a true man of God, who was not only interested in his church, but was interested and heavily involved in his community, as well. The love of God through him truly made a difference in the lives of church members, the community and many, many others. He had many sons and daughters in the faith. While listening to all the many testimonies, I realized the great heritage and heart of my Pastor and his family. I picked up the bulletin and decided, then, that I would paint him with subtracted charcoal as the medium on 18"x24" paper. I later, had it mounted on gatorboard. The very next week I began and was finished within the week. I was amazed because it usually takes me weeks, close to a month to finish one like that. I sensed such a presence of the Holy Spirit as I was painting, and I know it was a divine appointment.

Now, back to the update, I work full-time at a local Christian school as the High School Secretary. The time spent there has been a learning experience. I have had a great opportunity to work with teachers, teenagers, and parents, and have developed some wonderful relationships. It's such a wonderful blessing to see the students grow and finally graduate and become fine young men and women of God.

Even though my time to paint has been limited, I usually spend my Summers to catch up. I ventured into oils by 2005 and love working with a brush. My aspiration has been to paint mostly portraits. Although, I am currently trying my hand at some still-lifes and landscapes. A dear friend has given a lot of his time to mentor me for the past couple of years. I look forward to seeing where God leads me in this journey of life and what all He has for me to learn!

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  1. Candy:

    That is really beautiful! Keep up the good work and I hope to see you and catch up at the reunion. Maybe you can help us put it together too! Thanks again for the advice about the blog.


  2. This is wonderful, Candy. How computer-literate are you!

  3. Hey Mom:

    This is really cool. Maybe we could do something like this for the book too. I don't know, just a thought. You are so extremely talented, God has richly blessed you.

    Love ya,

  4. Love it!:

    -Love the name of the blog!
    -Love the artwork!
    -Love seeing pictures of your grandchildren!
    -Love your photography!
    -Love that you are using your talents!
    -Love that you are pursuing your dreams!



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